TAIPEI TRUNK SHOW 2023.5.27(SAT) 5.28(SUN)

TAIPEI TRUNK SHOW 2023.5.27(SAT) 5.28(SUN)


Finally we are holding the first world trunk show.
We have chosen Taipei, Taiwan as the best place for starting our new journey.

You could feel free to make a reservation.
We look forward to seeing you in Taiwan.

At the end of yorioshow, the first overseas revision meeting.

The first station has been selected, Taipei, Taiwan, the best spot for our new itinerary.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Taiwan.

yorioshow is originally from Japan, YORIO TSUJI is from Taiwan, and SHOW CHANG is a co-founder of luxury leather goods, designed and manufactured by a master designer and craftsman.

The two people studied in the studio of the craftsmanship of Dairi Dairi, who is not synonymous with Tauri, and then moved to Paris. Yohokoku Craftsman's first work. After a number of years, he moved to Tokyo and established his own brand "yorioshow".

Other works have been expressed in details Sticking to the direction of "aesthetic essence".


2023.5.27 (6)
May 28, 2023 (Sun)

Suite room
No. 38, Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan

2023.5.27 Hoshiki Roku | 16:00 - 20:30
2023.5.28 Star Date | 11:00 - 20:00
* Reservation system / 60 minutes for each customer's production time

* Select the time zone on the bottom of the "time zone column" on the top of the reservation time when you make a reservation.

* Due to the deadline for the reservation time, it will end on May 25, 2023.

- Leather package
-Small leather product series
* Due to the fact that all the products we have arrived overseas, there are some difficulties, so it is possible to see the products on the trunk show.

<How to order>
The product has been removed, and it is possible to use other than the color that we provide.

-Additional charge for customer service: 售價+10~20% up charge
- 1~2 colors can be selected depending on the product
- Possessed product revision, production and sales, lawless replacement

< Payment >
Credit card
* Liquidation with full demand for owned products

<Delivery time>
Yuo's products are all handcrafted, so waiting time is more than 4 months



Available languages: English/Chinese/Japanese



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