A luxury leather product brand created by the designer/artisan duo of YORIO TSUJI from Japan and SHOW CHANG from Taiwan.
Together they moved to Florence, Italy.
Studied under Italian maestro in different ateliers. After studying there for several years, he traveled to Paris, France to explore the correlation between fashion and artisanal.

Studied under a French maestro at the atelier of the world's top maisons.
Through various creations including collaborations with top maisons and brands and the Paris Collection, we have created and provided numerous works to VIPs and clients.
In 2019, after living in Europe for several years, they moved to Tokyo and founded the leather product brand “yorioshow” that bears their name.
Florence, Italy | Created by two people with different backgrounds, including a unique group of works that bridge the gap between the times, expressing in detail the traditional techniques of Western bag making cultivated in Paris, France, and their own sensibilities. Through our unique worldview, we pursue the "essence of beauty" that remains relevant to people and the times.

Based on the concept of "Chaotic Elegance" - the softness of plasticity and white space - the collection expresses the diversity and absoluteness of leather products.

Art work of yorioshow