[DSV] Shoulder Bag "ORLY"

Royal Blue/Navy


DSV (Digital Simulation - Virtualizer -)

DSV (Digital Simulation - Virtualizer -)

By significantly improving the quality of visual information in pattern ordering services, DSV helps customers visualize their visual images as if they were holding the item in virtual space, providing clearer and more intuitive judgment criteria. We support the construction of

"Experience that color changes affect design"

Please enjoy the "change = new perspective" on yorioshow's products.

*The selling price of all products in the DSV (Digital Simulation - Virtualizer -) series includes the pattern order service fee (20% upcharge).

*Please note that as this is a digital service, there may be slight differences in color appearance from the actual leather depending on your monitor environment and circumstances.

This product is made to order.

Estimated delivery date: 6 months~


H 13 cm W 22 cm D 8 cm STRAP 90 cm French cow leather/French goat leather


•The shipping fee is 1,000 yen (including tax) nationwide for each order of small leather goods.

•Small leather goods international shipping fee is JPY3000.

•The shipping fee is 1,500 yen (including tax) nationwide for each bag order.

•Bags international shipping fee is JPY3500.

• If you wish to pick up your order at yorioshow BOUTIQUE AOYAMA, please make an appointment in advance using the calendar reservation system on our official website (www.yorioshowlab.com) after receiving your order confirmation email.
• If you pick up your order at yorioshow BOUTIQUE AOYAMA, shipping is free.

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Care Instructions

The leather we handle is carefully selected from high-quality materials that can withstand everyday use, so basically just wipe it with a dry cloth or towel to keep it in a clean state. increase.
However, leather, which is a natural material, is also very delicate.
Be careful of direct rain, water and alcohol.
In the unlikely event that it gets on, please wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth so as not to stain it.


We do not accept returns due to customer's convenience. Please be aware of this before placing your order.

[DSV] Shoulder Bag "ORLY"



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