Videography project with Naive

“<TEINEI> is the things born from one place.”

“< TEINEI > is born from one place”

“<TEINEI> is to imagine the people.”

“< TEINEI > means thinking about the people behind it”

“< TEINEI > is into the sound.

“<TEINEI> is something that dwells in sound”

“<TEINEI> is something that leaves a room in your heart.”

“< TEINEI > is something that brings a blank space to the heart”

“<TEINEI> is the things that give meanings to action.”

“< TEINEI > is something that gives meaning to actions”

“< TEINEI > can be overcoming language barriers.

“< TEINEI > is something that transcends the boundaries of words”

“<TEINEI> is to correspond with materials.”

“< TEINEI > means responding to materials”

“< TEINEI > to carry on the tradition.

“< TEINEI > means to inherit tradition”

“<TEINEI> is to follow the intuition.”

“< TEINEI > means following your intuition”

“<TEINEI> is the things recognized by changing perspective.”

“< TEINEI > is what is recognized by changing the viewpoint”

“< TEINEI > is something that establishes its own value.

“<TEINEI> is something that establishes self-worth”

“<TEINEI> is what you can see with your eyes.”

“< TEINEI > is a form, shape and visible thing”